By Danny Gill

Everyone has good memories of their growing up, and mine was a wonderful one of my childhood in the era of the old tenements buildings in the Gorbals and Oatlands area in the south side of Glasgow. Every day for us was like an adventure with so many things to do and our street games could last all day long (especially in the school summer holidays).

There were no computers, video games and mobile phones etc in those days and TV was only in its infancy, so all our energy was spent playing out in the open. In my book I try to tell our story of what life was like in that era through my poems, peoples stories and songs we sang in the streets. All this, I hope, brings back happy memories to people of my generation who lived through these times, and a future generation that I want to leave my memories with.

All proceeds from this book will go to towards the upkeep of the Southern Necropolis cemetery in the Gorbals.

My sincere thanks go to all those who purchase this book.

Danny Gill

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