James Bachop-82 George Street(Son-In-Law of Thomas Mitchell)-died 1891-aged 67yrs-(Lair 2,051) Central

John Bryson-36 Warwick Street(Proprietor)-died 1891-aged83yrs-(Lair 1764) Central

James Bain-160 Cowcaddens(Proprietor)-died 1860-aged 61yrs-(Lair 3,275) Eastern

James Brown-14 Rumford Street(Son-In-Law of Allan Pollock)-died 1891-aged 58yrs-(Lair 3,346) Eastern

William Britton-197 Cumberland Street-died 1881-aged 49yrs-(Lair 3,847) Eastern

John Blackie-249 Main Street, Bridgeton(Son of John Blackie)-died 1881-aged 35yrs-(Lair 4,607) Eastern

John Winterburn Bennet-329 Caledonia Road(Husb of Julia M.Bennet)-died 1881-aged 58yrs-

(Lair 5,437) Eastern

John Baillie-85 Candleriggs(Son of William Baillie)-died 1852-aged 19yrs-(Lair 7,088) Western

Sarah Brownlie-25 Gladstone Street-died at 22 Burnbank Street-Daugh of Peter Brownlie-died 1891-aged 47yrs-(Lair 7,364) Western.

Alexander Beaton-74 Bothwell Lane(Broth-In-Law of James Allison)-died 1856-aged 31yrs-

(Lair 7,917) Western

James Ballingall-55 Eglinton Street(Proprietor)-died 1881-aged 56yrs-(Lair 7,942) Western

John Buchanan-35 Bishop Street, Anderson(Proprietor)-died 1853-aged 53yrs-(Lair 7,962) Western

Helen Bruce-21 Portugal Street-died 11/1/1851-aged 40yrs-(Lair 7030) Eastern

James Banon-84 Spring Place-died 28/1/1851-aged 23yrs-(Lair 1432) Central

Margaret Bipet-128 Union Street-died 3/8/1841-aged 37yrs-(Lair 85) Central

Elizabeth Bell-80 Reid Street,Bridgeton-died 5/1/1861-aged 22yrs-(Lair 348) Central

Margaret Bell-15 Thistle Street-died 12/7/1842-aged 22yrs-(Lair 1501) Central

Isabella Blackie-6 Cavendish Street-died 13/1/1881-aged 23yrs-(Lair 1236) Central

Wife/William Baird-Little Street-died 18/11/1841-aged 39yrs-(Lair 334) Central

Elizabeth Bacon-10 Portugal Street-died 10/11/1853-aged 22yrs-(Lair 10683) Western

Cruickshanks-98 Great Hamilton Street(Grndson of Robert)-died 3/1/1851-age ?-(Lair 813) Central